About Us

Indian Youth Nuclear Society, abbreviated as IYNS, is a non-profit organization based in India. The main objective of this organization is to spread awareness about the benefits of nuclear technologies among general public and encourage Indian youth to learn and contribute to Indian Nuclear Program. Our organization is committed to ensure that the information about the benefits of nuclear technology should reach to each one of us. However, nuclear energy being a part of the solution to fight climate change, our organization has evolved as the platform to discuss about renewable energy sources as well. 

Wings of IYNS

Nuclear Technology Outreach Wing (IYNS-NTO)

  • Spread awareness about the benefits of nuclear energy and technology among general public of India through direct and indirect interaction media.
  • Fill the gap between nuclear technologies and farmers.
  • Make people aware about the medical use of nuclear radiations.
  • Bridge the industrial expertise with understanding of a common man.
  • Discuss that nuclear waste in India is not a concern.
  • Outreach events like public lectures, nuclear facility visits, etc.

Climate and Energy Forum Wing (IYNS-CEF)

  • Make people aware about the role of nuclear energy in fighting climate change.
  • Spread awareness about the contribution of nuclear energy in reducing drinking water crisis.
  • Events related to Nuclear for climate campaign, Plantation drive, etc.

Innovation and Technological Wing (IYNS-Innotech)

  • Platform to provide thinkers, innovators and mentors to come together at IYNS-Innotech facility to explore their innovative ideas in the field of science and engineering.
  • An initiative to help industries to share their issues with multi-disciplinary competent people and provide a platform for them to work together.
  • Support students and young professionals to find internships and job opportunities in different areas of science and engineering.
  • Conduct technical visits for school and colleges, national competition, workshops, etc.

Logo of IYNS

The nuclear shaped tricolor head forms the crown of holy Banyan Tree. The tricolor represents the Indian Flag. Its nuclear shape is the mark of nuclear related organization. This upper part of emblem signifies the grandeur of Peaceful use of nuclear technologies in India.

The globe placed above the human body acts as the face and head of the man. This also highlights the presence of India in the growing nuclear world. It signifies the important role and cooperation of India with the global community.

The human body acting as the trunk of Banyan tree signifies the strength, courage, longevity and righteousness. Along with this, the open handed human figure also signifies the independence, freedom, joy and unity of our society. The acronym below the emblem shows the roots of the Banyan tree which binds all the components altogether.

IYNS reserves all the rights of its logo to use it for identification, promotion and all other purpose.

Our Mission

IYNS is established with a mission to create a free thinking society which believe in the role of nuclear technology to fight climate change. In addition to this, IYNS provide a stage to think-tanks and general public to discuss and understand the importance of clean energy for our sustainability.


Nitendra Singh

Nitendra is the founder and president of IYNS. A Nuclear engineer by profession, he is fond of traveling, photography, hiking and also passionate about cooking. His research interests include nuclear safety & design, reactor thermal hydraulics and Nuclear severe accidents. In addition, he is an avid speaker on Nuclear4Climate, advanced technologies and public awareness.

Samyak Munot

Samyak is the IT Manager at IYNS. He is currently in Mumbai, pursuing his PhD in Experimental and CFD simulations of ablation behaviour of sacrificial material by molten corium for design of IPWR Core Catcher, from Homi Bhabha National Institute, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. He is an Applied Nuclear enthusiast and always has time for a good Old School Shayari. Additionally, his interests include Severe Accidents, learning new software, reciting Shayaris and debating.

Jehaan Nicholson

He is the media manager at IYNS. Currently he is in France, doing his PhD with the French atomic and alternative energies commission (CEA) at their Cadarache centre. His PhD is in nuclear physics on the topic of Determination of fission product spin from isomeric ratio measurement. He is also the vice-president of ASTHEC which is the PhD student association of CEA-Cadarache. His passion is to spread awareness about nuclear and expel the myths about radiation from minds of the common public. He loves to cook, travel, visit new places, try out new cuisines and is a massive foodie. He is a cinévore, his appetite for movies and TV series is gigantic.

Sunaina Kundra

Sunaina is working as the General Manager for the IYNS team. A post-graduate in Nuclear Science & Technology from University of Delhi, she holds experience in management, business development and techno-commercial domains of the industry. She is responsible for managing the society’s administrative work, communications as well as internal and external activities coordination. She cares for the environmental issues and believes in sustainable actions for the society’s development. Sunaina is fond of dancing, swimming, travelling and sometimes also likes to explore her creative skills

Vaishnvi Tiwari

Vaishnvi is the editor-in-chief at IYNS. She has a Ph.D. in Physics from Ecole Polytechnique, Université Paris-Saclay in France. Her research focused on modelling and simulation activities related to the Severe Accidents in Light Water Nuclear Reactors. She is also associated with the website “Nuclear Energy – The Better Energy”, where she is a part of the editorial team. She is a nuclear energy enthusiast, a book lover and has a keen interest in creative art, music and baking.

NICE Future Declaration 2019

IYNS along with 42 nations signed the Nuclear Innovative: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) Declaration 2019 in Juan-Les-Pins, France.  

Nuclear For Climate Declaration 2015

IYNS signed Nuclear for Climate Declaration in 2015. IYNS led nuclear for climate  campaign baton in India and still continuing it.