Educational Boot Camp 2021

Let's Celebrate the Sun

The SUN: the supreme soul who brings light and warmth to the world. The Sun or Surya (as we refer it in Hindi) is known by many alternative names and epithets, based on our understanding at that point of time, which include Vivasvat (Brilliant), Savitr (the Nourisher), Bhaskara (Light-maker), Dinakara (Day-maker), Lokacaksuh (Eye of the World), Graharaja (King of the Constellations), and Sahasra-kirana (Of a 1,000 rays). Our beloved and respected Sun is still a mystery in many senses as per the current understanding and knowledge. Then why not explore it together and learn the vividity of this influential star of our Milky Way galaxy?

With this vision in mind, Dr Nandivada Rathnashree, a philosopher, a passionate astronomy stalwart, dynamic science communicator, a great mentor and the former Director of Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi; she envisioned this event. With her virtual presence in our heart, ‘Educational Boot Camp 2021 (EBC’21)’ is dedicated to her. Prof. Patrick Dasgupta, another pioneer in physics (University of Delhi) and her husband will be the guest of honour to share his version of Dr Rathnashree’s vision.

Indian Youth Nuclear Society (IYNS) and Shiv Nadar School collaboratively will organize the flagship “Educational Boot Camp 2021 (EBC '21)”. The month-long, fun filled and scientific awareness educational boot camp titled as “Let us celebrate -The SUN” will commence on November 12, 2021 and will conclude with three days Interactive sessions during December 16-18, 2021.

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