Educational Boot Camp 2023

Sustainable Development Goals

Developed and sustainable living is everyone's right. Clean environment, healthy life and basic amenities are a few things each one of us are striving for. In order to achieve this for all the humans of this planet, United Nations came up with seventeen such goals that by achieving them we could make every life better and make this planet sustainable. All these goals are interconnected and have overlaps. One of that is the ‘Quality Education’. This Boot Camp will be focused on delivering the ‘Quality Education’ in modern and innovative manner.
EBC’23 will be addressing the three SDGs:
Goal 09: Innovation
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities
Goal 13: Climate Action

Indian Youth Nuclear Society (IYNS) and Shiv Nadar School collaboratively will organize the flagship “Educational Boot Camp 2023 (EBC '23)”. The month-long, fun filled and scientific awareness educational boot camp titled as “Sustainable development Goals” will commence on March 17 2023 and will conclude with three days Interactive sessions during April 20-21, 2023.

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