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Sustainability : Energy & Environment

IYNS, in association with Shiv Nadar School, is organizing an Energy Boot Camp from November 6 - 8, 2020. The three-day Boot Camp features various fun-filled activities and interactive sessions for students of all ages, to help them understand more about energy and the environment.

The preliminary phase of Energy Boot Camp is to commence from October 6, 2020. During this phase, the students from the participating schools will compete in the Creative activities, Interactive Experiment sessions and the Inter-School Competition.

The Inter-School Competition has three rounds consisting of quizzes, public interaction through video making and technical group projects. The final teams will enter the competition Finale, where they will participate in the ‘Youth Parliament’ along with the eminent experts and panelist from various fields. The winning team will be eligible for the prestigious Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam fellowship of IYNS.

Since its inception in 2012, Shiv Nadar School has pioneered in experiential learning and made its foray in urban school education with a singular purpose - to breach and surpass existing benchmarks of excellence. At Shiv Nadar School, the joy of learning is nurtured through experiential learning pedagogy and extensive use of technology in all its engagements. In addition to academic learning, the school lays emphasis on the development of strength of character, ethical values and life skills through social and emotional learning programs with a strong chord of technology as an enabler. The students are curious and reflective learners with a deep sense of self-esteem, discipline and compassion and the school is proud to be their springboard for life.

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    1. Somil

      I am creating very nice and good some things.

  1. Omar ahmad

    Very nice love it

  2. Sana Bose

    I’m gonna animate and nobody can stop me >:3

  3. Edwin107messi

    Poster Making 😀

  4. Soham

    how do you post it?

    1. Jehaan Nicholson

      Hi Soham,
      You can directly upload your entry on the google form. To access a particular form, click on the topic that interests you i.e. movie or poster or digital art etc….

  5. Shreya Ranjan

    I had question jehaan sir but could not ask ask due to some technical issue. sir you said that gamma rays do not have any mass says but sir according to the e=mc^2 formula it has a mass. i am not saying the light particles (photons) them self have mass i am saying that the energy in the photons has mass

    1. Jehaan Nicholson

      Hi Shreya,
      Yes you are partially right about Einstein’s equation for E=mc^2. This formula which is widely known is a special case where the particles/object is at rest and has no momentum. The general/complete formula is E^2 = p^2c^2 + m^2c^4. Since photons are massless, for all photons, this formula becomes E^2 = p^2c^2. This means that the photon gets all its energy from momentum(p).
      There is an interesting additional effect contained in the general equation. If a particle has no mass and is at rest (p = 0), then the total energy is zero. But an object with zero energy and zero mass is nothing at all. Therefore, if an object with no mass is to physically exist, it can never be at rest.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Feel free to write to us if you have any further doubts.

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