IYNS has started a new Interview Series named “People Should Know!” to explore different aspect about nuclear energy and it’s applications.

Meet Our Guests

Episode 2
Dr. Prabhat Kumar

To discuss the Role of Thermal, Fast and Fusion Reactor Technologies in India's Energy Security, we have invited Dr. Prabhat Kumar (Emeritus and Senior Advisor - Construction Management, Office of the Director-General, ITER Organization, France.

Episode 1
Mr. SK Malhotra

To discuss this topic, we have invited Mr S.K. Malhotra (Secretary, Indian Nuclear Society). Mr Malhotra has been associated with the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and BARC in R&D activities related to heavy water - an important nuclear material for the Indian Nuclear Power Program. He was also the Head of the Public Awareness Department of DAE and since 1999, he has been tirelessly working on creating mass awareness about atomic energy through the outreach programme of the DAE. For his work, he has received many accolades from DAE, the Indian Nuclear Society (INS) and the Public Relations Society of India.