IYNS Exclusive

Science Expedition


IYNS in collaboration with ITER, CEA, St. Michelle Observatory in France is organising a science trip to these facilities and more. School, college as well as university students are encouraged to apply and explore the world of nuclear science and astronomy in France. This expedition is designed to let the students dive into the field of science in general and nuclear science and technology in particular. Here, students will form contacts with scientists all around the world which will be beneficial in the future. The expedition will involve visits to the dierent research sites accompanied by qualified scientists. Theoretical as well as practical knowledge will be provided about the dierent systems used at these facilities. Students however will not be exposed to radiation related activities.

Currently, this is an annual expedition, but, with an increase in the number of participants, the frequency of these expeditions will be increased.*
General conditions for the internship
  1. Students must be over 16 years of age.
  2. Passport is mandatory before registering.
  3. All costs including but not limited to travel, boarding, lodging and other daily expenses must be borne by the student of their school/college. Neither IYNS nor the participating institutions in France are responsible for bearing any of these costs.
  4. A CV and a Letter of Motivation in pdf format is mandatory.
  5. All questions in the form are mandatory.
  6. The Duration of this expedition will be 1 week.

IYNS in collaboration with various Indian research institutes is organising a national science expedition to the dierent national research centers.